International Leadership and Management Summit

Theme: Accepting And Fulfilling The Call To Leadership

Venue: Arabian Courtyard Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Date: 18-22 May, 2020
Fee: $4,500.00


Conference Objective

Organizations, institutions and society in general are looking for leaders.
Leaders that will fulfill the yearnings and desires of their followers.
These types of leaders are scarce. You can be shown how to become one of such leaders.

Therefore the overall aim of this conference is to provide participants with:

  • competencies required to accept and fulfill the demands of leadership,
  • make their organizations thrive in a changing world.
  • strengthen practice of adaptive leadership no matter what role they play in their organizations.
  • presents tools and tactics to  lead and mobilize people and
  • tackle tough problems while reaching high expectations
  •  provide those in leadership or management position or aspiring to be in this position with  skills required to manage and lead people effectively.

By the end of the conference, attendees will:

  • Know a range of leadership approaches and the situations each should be used in
  • Know the difference between leadership and management and when to apply each function
  • Understand the wide range of skills they will need possess to be an effective leader and manager
  • Be able to get the team to a high performing standard in a shorter period as possible
  • Have built a clear development plan to develop the skills learnt in the workshop further.
  • Recognize strengths and blind spots in themselves and others
  • Increase their self-awareness for better self-management
  • Plan and set goals and directions based on values and aspirations
  • Earn trust and get results with leadership coaching
  • Influence others from a position of authority, even without formal authority
  • Lead for long-term results

Conference Outline

  • Transforming others with influence and inspiration
    • Transformational leadership defined
    • Transformational leadership and charisma
    • A model of transformational leadership
    • Transformational leadership factors
    • Transactional leadership factors
    • Other transformational perspectives
    • How does the transformational approach to leadership work
  • The team leadership challenge
    • 21st century team definition
    • Skills of effective team leaders
    • Characteristics of effective team leaders
    • Developing leadership skills
    • Leadership styles: self analysis
    • Techniques for increasing team effectiveness
  • Building a high performance team
    • Recipe for successful teams
    • The teamwork success formula
    • The importance of clear goals
    • Decisions by consensus
    • Clear roles and work assignments
    • From involvement to empowerment
    • Types of effective teams
    • Team development stages
  • Inspiring teams to better performance
    • Identifying team roles
    • The Belbin type indicator
    • Aligning individual and team motivators
    • The values alignment matrix
    • Keys to resolving values conflicts
    • The motivating mix
    • Creating a supportive environment
    • Energizing your team
  • Sustainable strategies for improving team relationships
    • Identifying effective communication methods
    • Face to face communication
    • Team problem solving
    • Factors shaping team performance
    • Phases of team problem solving
    • Tools for making effective team decisions
    • The ingredients of effective decision making
  • The team leader’s role in managing change
    • Managing change
    • Change requires exchange and expanded thinking
    • Key factors in successful change
    • The change cycle
    • The 4 room apartment strategy
    • Typical reactions to change
    • Helping the team move through change stages
    • Handling reactions to change
    • Strategies for dealing with change
    • The 17 laws of great teamwork
  • Persuading others with tact and diplomacy
    • Definition of ‘Persuasion’
    • Persuasion strategies: Credibility
    • Persuasion strategies: Logical Reasoning
    • Persuasion strategies: Emotional appeal
    • Improving your persuasive skills
    • Persuasive skills in formal presentations
    • Persuasion versus negotiation
    • The art of persuasion: thirty proven tips and techniques

Conference Benefits
Many people are put into leadership positions because of their technical ability to do the job and not on their ability to lead. This conference will provide  the skills required to lead and manage effectively, providing a sound footing to build on.
By developing leadership skills, delegates will be able to motivate the team to perform to a high standard, getting the balance right between quality and productivity. Having the right skills to lead means the leader can engage the group in the vision, build trust and competence and therefore, spend time further developing the skills of the team, and not constantly fire fighting to solve problems within the team.


Target Audience
This conference is ideal for individuals who want to become better at understanding and managing themselves and lead others.  The conference is also perfect for those looking for a refresher conference, new perspective or inspiration on goal driven leadership. 
Managers, business professionals, and individuals who have decided to master the tools and tactics of adaptive leadership in a world where change has become the only constant.


Conference Methodology
This conference uses self-assessment tools to diagnose, discover and explain the participants’ ability to manage and lead others. Group presentations, discussions, role-plays and case analyses will also be used. There will also be interactive exercises in order to allow participants to develop strategies that will help them improve their competencies in adaptive leadership. The conference also relies on the analysis of case studies and real-life examples from the business world.


Target Competencies

  • Personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Working productively with peers, managers, subordinates and others
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Self-Awareness
  • Coaching skills 
  • Influencing skills
  • Persuasion skills
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Envisioning and initiating
  • Influencing and motivating
  • Strategic thinking
  • Leveraging diversity
  • Capacity-building
  • Emotional understanding

ACCOMMODATION: This Conference is non-residential. Participants are to lodge in hotels of their choice near the conference centre. A list of these Hotels will be provided on request.



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