International Public Relations and Protocol Management Conference

Venue: Crystal Palm Hotels, Accra, Ghana.

Date: 14 - 18 December, 2020
Fee: $4,500.00

Public Relation Conference


  • To build on existing knowledge of Strategic Public Relations
  • To apply the tactical skills required for working in Strategic Public Relations
  • To capitalise on developments in technology
  • To manage the key aspects of protocol
  • To learn tips, tools and techniques to arrange business travel
  • To meet the expectation of those involved in protocol and travel arrangements

Program Objectives:

The program will cover:
Protocol & Diplomacy -Key concepts such as protocol, etiquette and ceremonial arrangements - Precedence and its Criteria
- Seating Arrangements for Events - Protocol at the Table
- Organization of Press Conferences
- Organization of Official Visits
- Organization of Ceremonies  Planning and managing PR campaigns
·  Measuring and evaluating PR
·  Stakeholder engagement
·  Practical public affairs
·  Reputation management
·  Risk issues management and crisis


What is PR – Public Relations?

  • Objectives and key elements of Public Relations
  • Importance, benefits and challenges of Public Relations management
  • How PR differs from marketing, advertising and sales
  • Advantages and disadvantages of all PR options
  • Importance of PR internally

PR channels

  • Print media and its current and likely future role in PR
  • Television and the impact it can have
  • Radio - relying on voice only
  • Mobile technology and increasing accessibility
  • Social media and multi-media - growth, complexity and impact

Writing for all media

  • What makes a good story?
  • How to win and keep reader’s attention
  • Writing for print: marketing materials, news, features, editorial and letters
  • Press releases which are published not ignored
  • Writing effectively for electronic media

Target markets

  • Requirements of target audiences and stakeholders
  • What are your competitors doing and how successfully?
  • 15 different types of research to find out the answers
  • Identifying the most appropriate way to reach your audiences
  • Pitfalls to avoid on messages and content

PR events and activities

  • Organising, preparing for and delivering presentations
  • Visits to your organisation by media and journalists
  • Lobbying: advantages, risks and impact
  • Sponsorship: maximising return on investment (ROI)
  • Corporate social responsibility

The right documents, at the right time, in the right place

  • Organising passports, processing visas and overcoming the complexities and problems
  • Compliance with entry requirements and immigration rules
  • Ensuring the health, safety and security of staff and visitors
  • Booking tickets; timetables; time differences; holidays; cancellations
  • Airport procedures, requirements and duties

Accommodation and international travel requirements

  • Factors to chose and book the most appropriate hotel and rooms
  • Customer and protocol requirements; preferred hotels list; change in plans; families
  • Car transport; tolls; parking; rental; security; motorcades
  • Meeting the demands of business travel: payment methods and exchange rates
  • Methods to research all possible options and prioritise the best

Exhibitions, conferences, visits and events – nationally and internationally

  • Planning and organising events, conferences and visits
  • Organising, exhibiting at or attending exhibitions
  • Trade visits and the protocol for them
  • Greeting foreign dignitaries, flying flags correctly and meeting expectations
  • Order of precedence for official ceremonies

Who should attend?

  • Protocol officers
  • Travel offices
  • Travel executives
  • Public relations officers
  • Public relations executives
  • Public Relations researchers
  • Those responsible for protocol, travel and accommodation
  • Those in PR in public sector, private sector and not-for-profit organisations
  • Those in PR at the national, regional and community level
  • Those working for international, global or supranational organisations



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