Theme: RETURNING TO OUR FOUNDING PRINCIPLES:The Challenges Facing the Labour Union Movements

VENUE: Western Bricks Hotel, 2 Club Avenue, Beside Enugu Sport Club, Enugu State, Nigeria

Date: 20th - 23rd August, 2019.
Fee: Participants based outside Nigeria $500 or Participants based in Nigeria N69,500



This Conference is targeted at union officials, and activists who will benefit from a deeper understanding of the links between founding principles of unionism, economic and trade union history to assist in the development of responses to the issues facing trade unions today. The conference will look at the Keynesian approach to the 'Great Depression' with the 'New Deal' and the creation of the 'Welfare State', and rise of neoliberalism and 'Globalisation' in response and their impact on unions and the workplace.

The conference will also cover:
- Impact of Globalisation on trade unions and the workplace.
- Trade union responses to Globalisation.
- Trade Union approaches to organising.
- Practical approaches to change.
It is imperative that the Management of the various organisations to realise the urgency and benefit of empowering their union executive especially those leading the union at various levels in their organisations
by consciously building their capacities and capabilities. This allows for continuous harmony in the workplace
which will boost productivity and increase the bottom line. This is critical to corporate survival.



  • The objectives of the workshops are:
    To provide an opportunity for the parties to critically analyze the challenges facing labourmanagement relationship;
  • To agree on where it needs to go;
    To determine how it can be constructively managed;
  • To clarify (and build mutual respect for) common and divergent interests;
  • To explore issues of trust and risk taking associated with working collaboratively;
  • To improve the knowledge and skills for working jointly;
  • To develop core principles and guidelines for the working relationship;
  • To produce working tools to guide consultative
  • To have an opportunity to interact with union and management representatives from a variety of sectors within your region.


  • The History and Principles of trade unionism
  • Collective Bargaining: Preparing for Bargaining
  • Best Practice Steps and Pathway s in Resolving Disputes
  • Aligning Trade Union Strategies and Expectations with Organisation's Goals and Corporate Mission
  • Unions, Productivity and the New Industrial Relations – Strategic Consideration
  • Enforceability of Collective Agreements
  • Effective Mediation and Industrial Conflict Resolution: Options and Strategies
  • Defining Rights, Duties and Obligations in a Tripartite Employment Relationship (i.e. the principal, contractor companies and contractor employees)
  • Conflict Resolution Skills For Union Leaders
  • Public Speaking Skills For Union Advocates
  • Current issues in Collective Labour Relations


The programme is designed for Trade Union Leadership, Management Staff, Human resource Managers, Employee Relations Managers and Union Members


The programme will be delivered using the following methodologies: Lectures, discussions, syndicate work, Videos, case studies and exercises


ACCOMMODATION: This Conference is non-residential. Participants are to lodge in hotels of their choice near the conference centre. A list of these Hotels will be provided on request.


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