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  • This course is so much appreciated, as it serves as a refresher course to me, while I also gain some new insight on productivity and development. It will go a long way to help me improve my capability, in the capacity I function in my company. Many thanks for putting together such great material.

    Enabulele Osakpamwan, FCP
    General Manager,
    Hazcon Nigeria Limited
    • Rich content for each course segment in a lucid presentation.  I appreciate everyone behind this successful workshop

      High Chief Vincent Ogheneochuko Ahwi, FCP
      The Chairman in Council,
      South-South Traditional Council of Chiefs, Lagos State
      • Its an eye-opener for me to some things that can either enhance or hamper ones productivity

        Dr. Andrew BOCK-ORUMA, FCP
        Specialist Physician,
        The Shell Petroleum Development Company Nigeria Limited
        • The program has made me realize that the problem of low Productivity is universal and needs a universal approach to overcome. Professional Productivity Officers are needed as Consultants in every Organizational system.

          Dr. Odewale, Joshua Olusesan, FCP
          Productivity Consultant,
          • The Fellowship program is encompassing, it is a complete package that takes care of all aspects of management ranging from personnel to administration, marketing, sales, social media, quality management system, etc.

            Dr. Emmanuel Nwogbo, FCP
            Alfa Centauri West Africa Limited
            • My main objectives for attending the course were to: acquire skills and knowledge on how to grow my organization faster, enhance productivity, and learn vital business success secrets from experts. Upon the completion of the course, I can say for sure that all my objectives were fully met satisfactorily

              Abubakar Abba Ibrahim FCP,
              Intelligence Analyst,
              Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU),
              • I must confess that the workshop materials were most enriching, with a very strong bearing with real-life situations in practice. Thank you so much for this unique opportunity

                Engr Dr. Solace Akade FCP
                Head, Maintenance Support Services,
                Nigeria LNG Limited
                • -          The conference was very educative and has actually given me the opportunity to know more about my responsibilities as a labour Leader.

                  Onofua Thomas Osajiele
                  Chairman SSANU ,
                  Senior Staff Association of Nigeria University, AAU Ekpoma
                  • -          I am now better equipped as a unionist

                    Comrade Dako I. Etafia
                    SSANU ,
                    Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma
                    • -          The conference has helped me in my present work by informing management on the need for E-library facilities in our organization

                      Kehboh Tarela
                      Principal Librarian,
                      College Of Education, Sagbama, Bayelsa State
                      • -          The conference has enhanced my productivity and experience in terms of metadata

                        Abubakar S. Ruma
                        Senior Librarian,
                        Energy Commission of Nigeria
                        • -          A big thanks to the facilitator, he made his lectures very interesting and practical. More of his likes should be invited yearly.

                          -          The topics discussed were very interesting and relevant to our different workplaces and relevant ideas were exchanged.

                          Kanu Chidi
                          Michael Okpara University Of Agric, Umudike
                          • -          The conference was educative and informative, kudos to the facilitators, I hope to maximize and use the knowledge to pilot the affairs of my library

                            -          The facilitators were able to use the emergence of electronic information resources to meet the expectations of the participants.

                            Jaycole Ayodeji
                            Udo-Udoma & Belo Osagie Solicitors. Lagos
                            • -          The organizers of this conference have been wonderful; the course contents are rich and well delivered, the environment is also an enabling one while they did their best to make participants comfortable.

                              Mrs Olabisi F. Adesina
                              Electronic Librarian,
                              University Of Ilorin,
                              • -          This conference has increase my knowledge and experience  in  teaching process

                                -          I will recommend this Conference to other staff

                                Dr Idikwu, Ulaka Elijah
                                Senior Lecturer,
                                College Of Education, Oju, Nigeria.
                                • -          The conference has given me better skills, stability and emotional balance in terms of  unionist being able to assert himself in negotiation

                                  -          On how to better approach my management with a better skill and mind set

                                  NAFIA CYRIL DANJUMA
                                  Union Chairman,
                                  National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom
                                  • -          The conference met my expectation in all ramifications.

                                    -          The conference has educated me in knowing Labour laws and ways of resolving industrial disputes which will be applied by me in negotiation of Labour disputes in my workplace.

                                    -          The course is highly recommended. I will recommend it to the union leaders and employers in order to sponsor Labour leaders and organization managers.

                                    Hamisu Yahaya Halliru
                                    Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority, Nigeria
                                    • -          The conference has met my expectation in the areas of providing solutions without infringement on the right of workers

                                      Gwarzo Sani Ahmed
                                      Senior Admin Officer,
                                      Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority, Abuja,
                                      • -          Utilizing the theoretical and practical gains in daily union activities

                                        -          The training should be made available state by state.

                                        Dr J.A. Adegbite
                                        Chairman, ASUP IREE,
                                        Osun State Polytechnic, Iree
                                        • -          The conference  enhanced and expanded my knowledge in union activities and also help me to achieve peace and harmony in the organization

                                          Ojediran David Sunday
                                          Admin Officer,
                                          Nigeria Law Reform Commission , Abuja
                                          • -          I appreciate the in-depth knowledge and experience of the facilitators

                                            -          By making me to be aware and have in-depth knowledge of union laws/regulations and expectation. It also create the quest to study the law and use it to bargain with employers

                                            Senu Oke
                                            Quality Assurance Manager,
                                            Perfetti Van Melle Nig. Ltd, Lagos
                                            • -          The strength of this program is on audience participation and relation of knowledge to experience

                                              -          The conference has improve my advocacy as a Labour leader

                                              Dr Oko Azu Kalu
                                              HOD ,
                                              Abia State Polytechnic, Aba
                                              • -          The facilitator were apt and knowledgeable

                                                -          The course was adequate and relevant

                                                Samari Yakubu
                                                Union Chairman,
                                                Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority, Abuja
                                                • -          The conference has really help to create better industrial harmony and relevance in our workplace

                                                  -          I will recommend this conference, very essential

                                                  Olusegun Sanya
                                                  Principal Officer,
                                                  Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority, Abuja
                                                  • The conference has enlighten me on Labour Acts and other relevant areas of Unionism

                                                    Daniel Peter Dawul
                                                    National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom
                                                    • -          The conference was interactive and informative

                                                      -          The conference will help in discrete foresighted unionism

                                                      Dr Ebo Socrates
                                                      Union Chairman,
                                                      Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa State
                                                      • -          The strength of the course was very practical and tailored to suit industry needs

                                                        -          The course has met my expectations in all ramifications.

                                                        -          The course has been and is still helpful in bridging  the gap between management and staff union and therefore fostering harmonious working relations

                                                        -          The course was very exciting, refreshing and educative, many thanks for the high quality of resource persons and participants. More grease to your elbows. Please keep it up

                                                        Richard Obianu
                                                        Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority, Abuja
                                                        • -          I would recommend the conference to others. It is also good for people in the management position

                                                          -          It has given me a wider knowledge of Labour/Trade union Act.

                                                          Comrade Rtn. Ifesinachi Onuaguluchi Akin
                                                          ASUP Chairman,
                                                          Institute Of Management And Technology, Enugu State
                                                          • -          The materials presented in this conference should be taught  in schools because children are the future of our  generation

                                                            Ejiro Onojechuwo
                                                            Senior staff,
                                                            Desopadec/Post Primary Education Board, Delta State, Nigeria.
                                                            • The strength of the conference are:

                                                              -          The speeches and presentation were professional

                                                              -          Materials presented and hall setting were satisfactory.

                                                              Olayinka Awe
                                                              Aweglobal Travels and Tours, Lagos Nigeria.

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