Pension Administration and Retirement Courses

Pension Administration and Retirement Courses

The pension and administration retirement course category provides comprehensive training on the principles and practices of pension administration and retirement planning. This category covers a wide range of topics, including pension fund management, pension regulations, pension laws, pension compliance, and pension benefits. The courses in this category are designed for professionals who work in the pension industry, as well as for individuals who are interested in learning more about pension planning for their own retirement.


Explore our comprehensive Pension and Administration Retirement course category, designed to equip individuals with essential knowledge and skills for managing pension plans and retirement administration. Gain a deep understanding of retirement planning, pension fund management, regulatory compliance, and best practices in ensuring a secure financial future for retirees.


Enroll in our expert-led courses to stay updated with the latest trends and industry insights, empowering yourself or your team to make informed decisions and secure your spot with us today. Contact us at info@centreproductivity.org or call the Admin Unit on 07088135739 if you have any questions or you need help in choosing a course that best suits you.

Oct 2024

Course Title Date Venue Fee
Pre Retirement Planning and Personal Finance Management Skills Course 08 - 10 Oct 2024 Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria NGN 165,000
Recent Updates in Pension Accounting Course 15 - 17 Oct 2024 Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria NGN 165,000
Retirement Saving Account (RSA) Reconciliation and Administration 22 - 24 Oct 2024 Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria NGN 165,000

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